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Guild FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

• What type of guild is Vanquish?

We choose to explore every bit of content that this game has to offer. PvE to PvP to WvW to light RP, Vanquish does it all. The majority of our members are mostly interested in the PvE side including, but not limited to, dungeons, Fractals of the Mists and the Living Story. We care little for how elite you are or how you rank in-game; we are a family and supporting one another in an honest and confident way is what drives forward.

• What is the primary time zone of Vanquish and what are your peak hours?

Because our home is the North American Tarnished Coast server, we are more North American based. We do have several Europeans in the guild along with earlier weekend events catered for all Europeans to join that strengthen our European representation. Oceanic times are sometimes our quieter hours of the guild. Average peak hours are anywhere from 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM PST give or take a few hours here and there.

• What server is Vanquish located on and is it a requirement for me to transfer to that server?

As briefly mentioned above, Vanquish is located on Tarnished Coast. It is not a requirement to join us on our home server. In the Fall 2014 update, guilds were given more unification for members that were not home to Tarnished Coast. You will still be restricted from participating on a few things, namely World vs. World and Edge of the Mists. Players on a European server, however, will not be able to do any kind of activities with us other than use guild chat as you cannot guest to other regions.

• Is Vanquish an 18+ guild?

Vanquish is an 18+ guild and caters to an older demographic with members from the ages of 18 to 60+. The average age in Vanquish is anywhere from 25 to 40. We simply do not want underage players to feel uncomfortable with suggestive language or topics nor do we want older players to feel uncomfortable for talking so. If you are younger and feel like Vanquish sounds like the right place for you, build up a compelling case on your application for us to review.

• Is Vanquish a guild that requires full-time representation?

As outlined in our Code of Conduct section, Vanquish is a semi-loose 100% representation guild. This means that you should be representing Vanquish 100% of the time with the exception of personal guild storage/bank accounts as well as representing our alliance guild Legion for any events hosted by them. Exceptions can sometimes be made case by case. We do take this bullet into consideration if a member wishes to progress in the ranks of Vanquish (more details at the bottom bullet).

• Is Vanquish a roleplay guild?

While roleplay (RP) is not a major area of focus, being home to Tarnished Coast, we encourage and respect our RP community. However, some RP can be found in private groups as well as on our RP forums section. If you are interested in learning more about RP or wish to try it out, we have a handful of members that are interested in it where you can experience more.

• Does Vanquish require me to use Teamspeak?

Day-to-day usage of Teamspeak is not required however usage during some group content such as dungeons, fractals, WvW or PvP may be required. A microphone is not a member requirement, so long as you can listen in.

• Will there be room for me to move up the ranks within Vanquish?

Absolutely! Feel free to talk to the guild leader at anytime if you wish to discuss advancing within Vanquish. Aside from following our basic code and FAQ bullets, some requirements that the leadership will look for includes (but not limited to) having been in the guild for a reasonable amount of time, is an active member both in-game and on the forums, leadership abilities in a desired area, representation in Vanquish, as well as a working microphone and Teamspeak access. More information can be found in the rank structure page.

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