Guild Contacts and Leadership

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Guild Contacts and Leadership

Post by Vex on 23rd July 2015, 19:12

The Vanquish Contacts and Leadership


  • Weskay.9217 - Main: Vex Strahovski. Region: North America
  • Helle.8754 - Main: Helle Gram. Region: Europe
  • Curtegg.5216 - Main: Neye. Region: North America
  • Mooniez.4605 - Main: Mooniez. Region: North America
  • Willy.3285 - Main: Ruven Mortiis. Region: North America
  • Gdanks.3674 - Main: Mustache Express. Region: North America

Veterans: (invite privileges)

  • Ambient.4130 - Main: Doublewide. Region: North America
  • Eyefood.9702 - Main: Kisa Naumova. Region: Europe
  • Sevanna.3214 - Main: Lady Cyrenna. Region: Oceanic
  • Chidori.9483 - Main: Chidori Dawnherald. Region: North America
  • Neokramer.9725 - Main: Grimclaw Snaptooth. Region: North America


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