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Guild Code of Conduct

Post by Vex on 8th June 2014, 00:32

Vanquish Etiquette and Policies

• Carry yourself well throughout Tyria and the forums.

Upon joining Vanquish, you will be carrying the Vanquish guild tag around wherever you go. Present yourself well by respecting the community of players inside and outside of the guild. Be fair, honest, and welcoming; you are the face of Vanquish.

• Be a loyal member to Vanquish.

Vanquish is a one hundred percent representation guild. This is to ensure a close-knit and cohesive community. A guild that is used as a personal bank and/or storage is acceptable. Representing our close friends and alliance at The Legion of Honour during their hosted events is also acceptable. Some exceptions can be made but are taken case by case (PM the leader or an officer to make a case).

• Keep an open-mind for general tactics and builds.

Dungeon, fractal, WvW and PvP tactics and builds vary from person to person and group to group. Vanquish follows a BYOB (bring your own build) system (within reason). You will not be forced to run a specific build nor do we advocate following strictly-meta builds. Simply be open to changes that may enhance the experience in more difficult areas should the party experience issues. Changes may include traits, gear or class (when and if applicable).

• Include your fellow guild members.

Certain classes and build set-ups are seen as less efficient than others by the online community. At Vanquish, we do not discriminate members for their class, build and level. Include any member that is prepared appropriately for a specific dungeon or fractal. Some exceptions apply such as requiring Agony Resistance for high fractal levels. Additionally, please attempt to fill your group with guild members prior to LFG; you never know, someone could be interested in joining!

• Remain an active member in Vanquish.

Real life always comes first at Vanquish. If you know you’ll be away from the game for a while, give us a notification in our on leave section of our forums to solidify your position in the guild. Vanquish has a two week and one month inactivity policy to members that have not posted about their leave. At two weeks of inactivity, the leadership may place a member in the inactive rank. At one month of inactivity, the leadership may remove you from the guild. If you come back from your absence and wish to join us again, simply give an officer or leader a message and we will reinstate you.

• Try your best to resolve minor issues.

Just like any guild, there can be disagreements. When and if possible, try to resolve minor issues amongst yourselves. If a resolution cannot be found, the leadership of Vanquish will be happy to find a resolution for you. For major issues, please provide screenshots as the leadership will use these to form a resolution quicker.

• Ways to be removed from Vanquish:

  • Simply ask to be removed. We know that Vanquish isn't perfect for everyone and that is fine. Let an officer know you wish to remove yourself from the guild and we will part ways respectfully.
  • Being inactive for one month or longer (explained above).
  • Not representing Vanquish full-time.
  • Excessive whining in chat or Teamspeak.
  • Being the source of drama. We know drama can't always be avoided but don't be a recurring drama-starter.
  • Cheating or exploiting something. Self explanatory and not flexible; zero tolerance.

If you have any questions or concerns about this post, please contact Vex. Thank you!

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