Phloxes Application

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Phloxes Application

Post by Phloxes on 15th October 2015, 00:02

1. What is your main character and your display name (ie: abcd.1234)?

My display name is Phloxes.6270. As far as characters go, I jump around between a few, but the most common will be Mazrim Kell, Rhaela Kell, or Nora Kell.

2. What is your age (or a ball park range), time zone and normal hours of play?

25 years old, Mountain time, and I play any time after 10 pm Mountain most nights. On days off of work it's normally much earlier!

3. Where did you hear about us?

Guild Wars 2 forums.

4. What server are you on? If different from Tarnished Coast, are you aware that you are restricted to certain features and activities? (Outlined in the FAQ thread)

Tarnished Coast

5. On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest) please rate your level of interest in each of the following:
End Game (Dungeons/Fractals): 4
WvW: 3
PvP: 5
RP: 1
Solo Play: 2

6. Have you read our Guild Information section (FAQ and Code of Conduct) and can agree to it?

I have, and do!

7. Are you willing to install and use Teamspeak for group work and endgame ventures?

Already use it Smile

8. Guild chat and Teamspeak can sometimes be “R” rated. Are you OK with this aspect of the guild and its members?


9. Are you willing to be flexible in your play-style if and when required? (ie: swap classes or make adjustments to your build for better team synergy). This is outlined in our code as well.

Of course. Being a great team player is part of what makes a team... great. Funny how that works Razz

10. What do you expect from a guild and looking back on any past guild experience what did you enjoy the most?

I'm looking for a community where I can be engaged and actively enjoying the game with a familiar group of people. I returned a couple of months ago after a two year hiatus, and many of the players I used to know have stopped playing. Because of this I've been playing mostly solo and, frankly, that gets lonely after a minute or two heh. I'm hoping for a way to really dive back in and pick up where I left off. My main interests at the moment are going to be sPvP, Fractals, Dungeons, and I'm -really- looking forward to the raiding scene when HoT drops -- Things that are much more fun and more easily accessible when you have a group to play them with.

Is there anything you wish to add or have any questions for us?

Nothing in particular, just hoping to hear back from you soon! If you have any follow up questions or need to know more, let me know! Thanks for the consideration Smile



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Re: Phloxes Application

Post by Vex on 15th October 2015, 00:13

Thanks for the well though out app. I think you'll be a solid fit in our ranks and we, in turn, a solid fit for you.

We're primarily into the Fractal scene with dungeons being a moderate interest (especially for dungeon master completion). We have our own private arena for PvP dailies but most of the guild's interest in PvP stops there. There are, however, still some people that enjoy "proper" PvP, like myself. I've just stopped sort of recently from crappy matchmaking.

Anyways! A few others will be by to read/reply, as for me, +1.

See you soon!


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Re: Phloxes Application

Post by MooNiez on 15th October 2015, 00:19

Application looks good to me. I think Vex pretty much said it all. Thumbs up for me.

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Re: Phloxes Application

Post by Mustache on 15th October 2015, 08:09

Good app and you sound like a good fit to me as well.

Look up a guild contact under "guild information" and "guild contacts and leadership" and we can get you invited ASAP!

Welcome to Vanquish!!

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Re: Phloxes Application

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