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Post by vangelis on 12th February 2016, 07:44

1. What is your main character and your display name (ie: abcd.1234)?
Main: Cardinal Vangelis, warrior, full ascended zerker.
Secondary main: Vangelis Vallano, necro, celestial.
80s of every class mostly levelled through PVP, mostly undergeared.

GW2 display name: Vangelis Vallano.5078

2. What is your age (or a ball park range), time zone and normal hours of play?
24. Oceanic time. Anywhere between 8pm-1am NZ time, generally speaking. Sometimes a lot less, sometimes more.

3. Where did you hear about us?

4. What server are you on? If different from Tarnished Coast, are you aware that you are restricted to certain features and activities? (Outlined in the FAQ thread)
Jade Quarry. Yes, I'm aware.

5. On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest) please rate your level of interest in each of the following:
End Game (Dungeons/Fractals): 3.5
WvW: 2
PvP:5, although I've not given the current meta much time.
RP: 0
Solo Play: 4

6. Have you read our Guild Information section (FAQ and Code of Conduct) and can agree to it?

7. Are you willing to install and use Teamspeak for group work and endgame ventures?

8. Guild chat and Teamspeak can sometimes be “R” rated. Are you OK with this aspect of the guild and its members?

9. Are you willing to be flexible in your play-style if and when required? (ie: swap classes or make adjustments to your build for better team synergy). This is outlined in our code as well.
Within reason, yes.

10. What do you expect from a guild and looking back on any past guild experience what did you enjoy the most?
I have no real expectations. My experience has mostly been very solo-orientated.

Is there anything you wish to add or have any questions for us?
Not really. I've talked to Helle a bit. I play sporadically and can take long breaks. I live a fairly busy life. Thanks for reading.

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